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Usually these about the author portions are done in third person, but I want you to get to know me. What better what to make sure you know who I am than to tell you about myself like I would if we’d just met for the first time in some elevator or on a park bench?

This is me, Megan Stephenson: 

Dec. 2012I’m not exactly your typical, everyday author, I know! You flip over a book usually, and the person you’re looking at is in their late twenties or thirties or forties, etc. I, on the other hand, am only eighteen at the moment. I started powering through short stories about talking animals and fairies fairly young, before I even really knew how to do anything but scribble, and though I have since grown more into the realistic fiction genre, writing never left me. It’s been a constant companion just like my coffee.

I write teen fiction, and I tend to focus on teenage girls who have a rough home life. My first book, A War I Never Asked For… is all about a main character, Carter, who is simply fighting to keep her sister close in a life that isn’t safe for either of them.

I’m attending college as an English major at the moment, and I am finding that I absolutely love it, even if working on my newest novel is a little more hectic when classes are added in. There isn’t a moment that I’m not focused wholly on writing, even if it’s just wondering how I can throw a physical science class into a novel.

I spend time with friends, but I am absolutely terrified of crowds, and I aspire to someday be able to write like Markus Zusak who is what I sincerely see as a genius with words.


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