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A War I Never Asked For…


“Yet again, I promised myself that I wouldn’t only do my best to protect her, I would protect her, and as soon as I could, I would get her out of that house.”

Carter never asked for her mother to be an alcoholic. She never asked to be basically the sole provider for her little sister, Regan, and she certainly never asked to do all of that on top of being only seventeen.

When Carter’s mom introduces Cole to the scene, and after school detention causes a chance encounter with the “bad boy,” Luke, Carter’s life gets even more hectic.

How do you stay constantly scared of a man three times your size, protect your little sister, and worry about homework all at the same time? How do you know who to trust when you’re worried about never seeing your little sister again?

Carter may never have asked for this war, but it’s one she has to fight- not only for Regan’s sake but for her own safety as well.

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