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Monthly Archives: January 2013

When A Writer Writes

Hi there everyone. This is just sort of my welcome speech for anyone new in the future and my hello speech for everyone today.

This blog is one of those moments when a writer writes something about their writing- about what’s going on with their everyday struggles of being published, about writer’s block, about characters who don’t want to cooperate, or the shock of where their writing is taking them, and about how they didn’t even expect that that was going to happen in chapter two when they only just started!

My name is Megan Stephenson, and if you didn’t guess from the subtitle, I’ve self-published my own book called A War I Never Asked For…, which I will be adding a page about soon enough that tells you more in depth what that’s about, where you can get it, and how much it will cost you. I have a Facebook Page to reach out to my readers and this is another, longer and more in depth way for me to do that.

Instead of short posts about the change to the back of my cover or an invitation to come see me at the book signing, this is where you can find my irritated rants about writer’s block and what I do to fix it. I might post small portions about or of my newest project. This is basically a place for you to get to know me as a writer and as an author.

I haven’t decided yet if this will have regular postings on specific days or if it will be completely and utterly sporadic like the minds of most creative writers- including me, but no matter what, I will attempt to post at least once a week to let you know what has been going on!

That’s all for me today, though, and probably for this week, but I will talk with you again soon!